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Lake Erie

Mission Statement
At Lake Erie College Athletic Performance  we strive to use every
safe technique,philosophy, and modality to ensure our athletes are healthy, robust, and prepared for sporting success. 

As an athletic performance department we look to take a comprehensive approach to athletic development working closely with Sport Coaches, Athletic Training, and Administrators 

Overall, we want to produce an environment that creates healthy, happy, and accomplished young people who can find success not only in athletics but in every facet of their life. 

There are many ways to improve sporting performance, it is our job
as an athletic performance department to find the most effective way to reach the outcomes that benefit each individual athlete. These are founded in 4 rules:

  • Simple to Complex

    • Full kinesthetic awareness and body weight strength before loaded movements

  • Technique to Load

    • Technical proficiency is the foundation to powerful movement  

  • General to Specific

    • Sprint, jump, push, pull, squat and hinge before ‘sport specific’ exercises

  • Closed to Open

    • Technique can be learned in controlled environments but sport is disordered and athletes must learn to succeed there

Strength & Conditioning Handbook
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