Isaac Snyder - iRun: Storm Strong

Isaac Snyder - iRun: Storm Strong

Sea Ray Relays at the University of Tennessee 
April 16, 2011

This past weekend at Tennessee, we all set marks that put us at the top of the list for nationals.  Friday’s finest performance was Chris Burrows’ win in the 200-meter dash when he ran a ridiculous 20.9-second-race on a slick track in a full downpour.  Chris also took second place in the 100-meters with a time of 10.53 seconds, his second best time in that event.  

Cody Lancaster ran an impressive time in the 1500-meters at 4:04 and Cameron Whitner ran an 11.1 and Grant Isdale an 11.3 - a PR for his collegiate career- in the 100 dash.  

Later in the day Quinton Harley, Ethan Snyder, and I ran the 400-meter hurdles with what had seemed to the spectators to be an impressive show.  Ethan ran in the second heat and placed second in his heat and 6th overall in the meet. Quinton ran in the 4th heat of the day and won his heat fallowed by me in the next heat and after finishing my race and winning my heat I couldn’t help to hear some people in the crowd talking about us and saying how good we were.  Although we went 6th, 12th, and 14th in the meet, which isn’t really all that good, we made it look good enough for people to talk about us, since we had came in second in one heat and won two other heats.

The 400-hurdles race was one of my favorite races of the year.  The best part about it was fans saw a scrawny kid winning his heat, more so than the fact that I ran a personal best of 53.79 and provisionally qualified for outdoor nationals.

Our 4-x-100 relay team had a decent race and won their heat in the swift 15mph winds on Saturday.  This was the first time that Grant was on the team. Our finish in the event placed us 4th with a time of 42.15 seconds. We were one of only two or three DII schools that came to the Sea Ray Relays and impressive is the only word that could describe our performance. Congrats guys – we’re setting up to be “California Bound” in a few weeks.

Rage On!


NCAA Indoor Championships Day 4: All-Americans
March 12, 2011

Day two of the national championships was and is one of the biggest stepping stones in Lake Erie College Track and Field.  It was my second day of the heptathlon and Chris Burrows was running in the finals of the 200 and 400 dashes.  Plus, Eric Klucar was set to compete in the pole vault.

I started the day off with a 60-meter hurdle race that scored me 839 points.  My time in that race was 8.59 seconds, which is a personal best for me in the heptathlon competition but not in the open event.  Then I pole vaulted 13’9 ¼” beating my old personal record by a decameter.  This added 673 points for me, which was a big improvement from my old personal best in this event. 

Then in the 1000-meter race I had one of the biggest scares in my life.   When the race begins they do what is called a “waterfall start.” Basically how its done is the racers all start from a curved line were they are even with each other and try to cut into the first lane rite away.  This is a problem for the smaller people competing in a waterfall race since the big guys just push you around. Which is exactly what happened at the start, the guy to my right used his weight and cut me off with a hard elbow but that was okay, I just settled in behind the guy to my left.  This is where it got a little scary. The kid that I had settled in behind ecided to cut hard to the outside of the first turn and I was in his blind spot in perfect position to step rite on his ankle as he tried to pass the guy in front of him.  You would think that he would have fallen, but he didn’t. I on the other hand did take a bit of a tumble and I used all of my upper body strength to run on my hands for a full stride and jumped rite back into the race. Talk about scaring the crap out of myself.  I wasn’t going to go out like that, so I got back into rhythm in the very back of the pack for the first two laps. Then picked the other competitors off one at a time and moved up to 7th place in the event scoring 748 points, and running a time of 2:51.72. It was my second slowest 1K race of all time, but considering I nearly wiped out at the very beginning, it wasn’t the worst that I could have done.

I have to thank all of my family members, teammates, LEC Faculty, teachers, coaches, and friends for wishing me good luck because I used up every drop of luck that I had in order to pull off that race.  So that race score was enough to score a personal record of 4943 and place 8th overall in the national meet scoring our team 1 point and earning me the honor of being an All-American.  But, my performance was not even close to the best performance of the weekend coming from Lake Erie College.


Chris Burrows really stole the show with his final performance in the 200 when he finished in third place with a time of 21.07.  He even slipped going into the second turn and still almost broke 21 seconds. He ran an amazing race.  Plus Chris was one of only a handful of athletes to get two sprint All-American honors this weekend when he placed 6th in the 400 with a time of 47.64. Chris scored nine points combined in the two events.  Plus Jamil Dudley placed third in the high jump on Friday scoring 6 points for us.

Eric Klucar had an injury -most likely coming from what initially appeared to be a pretty comical fall off the pit on Thursday afternoon.  During practice, he bounced his way off the back of the pit and put his head in a trash can then flipping over the trash can before crashing down on the long jump runway with his head breaking the fall.  He most likely strained his lower back in the process of this fall and no-heighted during the competition.

Overall this has been one of the most exciting and fun weekends of my life.  The competition was like none I have ever gone against and the Storm rose to the occasion and prospered to the sixteenth spot in the Division II team standings. All together we scored a total of 16 points Chris scoring 9, Jamil scoring 6, and me with one point. This score beat out conference rival and GLIAC power Grand Valley State and came close to Findlay (19) and was just four points from being in the top ten.

Before I close this piece Jamil, Chris, Eric, and I want to take the time and thank everybody for all the support throughout this indoor season and helping us stay STORM STRONG! This was the best weekend yet and now all I can do is think about the outdoor championships in California.

NCAA Indoor Championships Day 3: Let the Games Begin!
March 11, 2011

On the first day of competition at the NCAA Championships,  I matched two personal records today in the 60-meter dash (7.18 seconds) and the long jump (20’7”).  The shot put was a different story, as I threw just 33’4’’ which is almost 3 feet shorter than my personal record. Then in the high jump I went 1.89-meters, which in feet measures 6’3 ½’’. So, halfway I’m up almost 20 points from where I was at the conference meet, so I have a really good chance of getting an overall better score in the heptathlon.  Most importantly I’m in 8th place, so I’m in the running for All-American status.  Jamil Dudley and Chris Burrows both competed today, Jamil finished the day as an All-American in the high jump, finishing in third place with a jump of 7’1/2’’, which is awesome! And Chris qualified for the finals in both the 400-meters and the 200-meter dashes.  His times in the qualifying rounds made him 4th in the 200 and 7th in the 400 going into the finals.

All the way across the country, our 4x200-meter relay team at the Coastal Carolina meet got second place and our shuttle hurdle team won its event.  Cody Lancaster got seventh in the 3K and they are also competing in several events on Saturday. This has truly been a STRONG day for Lake Erie track and field and no matter what happens tomorrow I will be proud of all my teammates.

NCAA Indoor Championships Day 2: Talkin’ ‘bout practice!
March 10, 2011

The first “full” day of our trip to Albuquerque on Thursday has been a warm one. The stress and anxiety has started to set in a little bit, but I will get to take it all out on the track tomorrow.  We went to the Brazilian Grill a few blocks away from the hotel. Let me tell you, this was one of the best restaurants that I have ever been to - it was fantastic.  We also had a banquet this evening and we all dressed up in our best, watching the NCAA give out all the regional player of the year and coach of the year awards.  It was kind of bitter because we all wanted to be on that stage getting that athlete of the year award – but also gives us something to work towards next year Now we’re just sitting around relaxing and taking in the luxury of being in such a nice hotel so far away from home.

NCAA Indoor Championships Day 1: Traveling Men
March 9, 2011

The NCAA Division II Indoor National Track & Field Championships will be the story of the season for “iRun Storm Strong.” I am currently on the plane with Chris Burrows, Jamil Dudley, Eric Klucar and Coach Harmon, headed to Las Vegas for a plane layover that’s three hours long.  Then it will be on to Albuquerque.  Anticipation for this meet is awesome and I can’t wait to get off this plane.  Spend some quality time in Vegas, eat diner, then head on down to the 70-degree weather in New Mexico.

The VT Qualifier... and Mike's Burgers
March 4-5, 2011

This weekend we are heading to Blacksburg, Va. to the Virginia Tech Final Qualifier. Chris Burrows and I are going down to practice running on a 200M banked track since this is what we are going to be running on at nationals next weekend.  This should be a good experience for me because I have never even seen a 200M banked track before. Chris will compete in the 60-meter dash and the 400-meter open events.  I will not be competing this weekend because of the limited number of competitions that NCAA limits runners to in an annual season. 

Although I will probably get some really good videos of some top track prospects in the country since this is mainly a Division I and III last chance qualifier meet.  Leford Green will be racing in the open 400 with Chris. Leford was the national champion in the outdoor 400H for DII last year at Johnson C. Smith in North Carolina.  He beat out my twin brother Ethan at nationals but it was expected because Green’s time was the tenth fastest time in the world.  So it should be very interesting to watch and see if Chris can give him a run for his money or maybe the Storm can come out on top.

Our first day on Friday was just a visiting and a warm up day, mostly to go to the track and check it out.  These tracks are amazing. A 200-meter banked track is so much faster than a flat. I was trying to get some pace work in today just to get used to the slopes coming in and out of the turn.  I cannot believe how easy it was to pace fast. Each lap was 32 seconds or lower when I usually run 34’s for my pace. I’m so excited right now because of how easy it was to run on. 

After the visit to the track Chris, Coach Harmon and I went to eat at Mike’s Burger and I don’t think I could ever possibly eat more beef than I did tonight! Highly recommended (but only if you aren’t running a race the next day)! 

On Saturday, Chris ran a personal best (and school record) in the 60 dash today with a 6.91, despite the fact he stumbled on his fifth stride out of the blocks, so I think he is really starting to produce some serious speed in the drive phase of his race.  Nationals should be a really good couple of races for him. Congratulations to him also in the 400M dash he ran his second best time ever while being sick and the only person that beat him was the giant from Johnson C. Smith, Leford Green. Chris ran a time of 48.66 in this event.  This meet was some of the best competition that I have seen all year the lists of schools that were there are simply awesome in the world of track and field: Clemson, Auburn, Miami, Florida and Savanna, just to name a few. It was a good day at the Rector Field house in Blacksburg.

Were on our way back through Ohio so we can get back in time for me to do some shot work before coach Hyde leaves with the rest of the team on their spring break trip to Myrtle Beach. This week a majority of the track team will be at Costal Carolina practicing for the first outdoor meet there next Saturday. They get to leave tonight and I have to wait till Wednesday at 4:30pm when Eric Klucar, Jamil Dudley, Chris and I leave for Albuquerque, New Mexico, for the national indoor meet. Now don’t get me wrong I love Painesville, but I would much rather be in the Carolinas soaking up the rays till Wednesday rather than cleaning my apartment. Anyway, New Mexico should be much worth the wait.

GLIAC Championships
Mar. 4, 2011

Recently I have had the joy and excitement of competing in the College’s first appearance in the GLIAC Track & Field Championships.  The conference meet this year was held in Michigan at Saginaw Valley State University’s O’Neill Arena on a 200-meter flat indoor track.  In this meet I competed in nine events overall, covering six races and four field events between individual events and the heptathlon within two days.  This is how the meet played out.

DAY 1: My first event of the heptathlon Friday night was the 60 dash which I ran a 7.18, a new personal record (PR) for me and a score of 819 points.  Then I long jumped 19’11’’ which was more than half-a-foot short of my best and only scored 602 points.  A bit disappointing but in the multiple event competition, there’s not much time to get ready for the next event and no time to feel sorry for yourself. The shot put was next and I threw 33’6’’ which was only worth 498 points, my weakest event of the two-day period. Then the final heptathlon event one day one was the high jump were I scored 740 with a jump of 6’4’’ which is a collegiate PR for me.  If all those events weren’t enough, I finished off the day with the prelims of the open hurdles.  I don’t remember my time but it’s irrelevant because I made the finals and that’s all that matters. I then spent the rest of the evening eating, cheering, icing, and going to sleep at almost midnight.

Day 2: Two-day events are tough if you like to sleep in. The first event of the heptathlon on day two was the 60-meter hurdles at 8:00 in the morning. And yes, I did my full hour warm up beforehand so I was awake at 5:45 in the morning after going to bed at 11:50pm.  I ran a time of 8.68 and scored 818 which is about 40 points from my PR. Then in my favorite indoor event - the pole vault - I cleared 4.15 meters, which is a score of 659 points and a personal record for me by half-a-foot.  Entering the last event of the heptathlon, I was trailing Saginaw Valley’s Tyler Grob by about 50 points which meant that I needed to beat him by six seconds in the 1,000-meters to be the GLIAC champion.  This however did not happen, to my bitter dismay, as he ended up being the only person in the event to beat me in the race and in the overall heptathlon score. Tyler finished with 5,031 points while I had a score of 4904.  The next best score was a little over 4,500. This competition gained my squad eight points for the meet. 

After the hepathlon, I ran the finals of the 60-hurdles placing seventh with Ethan and teammate Quinton Harley coming in sixth and fourth.  In the hurdles, we earned the Storm 10 points collectively, including my two points individually. To close out the day, my final event of the meet was the marquee event – the 4x400-meter relay. Our goal was to push our time up so that we would automatically qualify for the Division II Indoor National Championships and all we had to do was run a 3:15 and we might have made the cut.  But it was not in the cards for us that day. Having been beat down by five already run races and four field events, my split came across at a 51.5 which is almost two full seconds slow and as a team we finished third with a time of 3:19.96. Though it was our fastest time on a 200-meter flat track this season and scored another six points for our team, it did not get us an invitation to the national meet.

As a team, we scored 68 points to finish fifth, behind some of the best track teams in the country. It was our first time in the conference meet and I don’t think we could have done much better.  Though I was upset that two of the four guys on the relay team won’t be going to nationals, five Lake Erie athletes  - myself included – will be representing the Storm at the DII Championships next week.  We’ll be heading to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where we will try out best to do what we did in Michigan and that is to “Run STORM STRONG.”

Mar. 3, 2011

Hi everyone my name is Isaac Snyder , a member of Lake Erie Colleges Track and Field team, and this is my blog.  These past two years at LEC have been monumental for athletics at the collegiate level here in our small town of Painesville. With the recent move into NCAA division II now complete, almost all teams on campus have had their debut into the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. From these last few years I have a story to tell of my part - and my team’s part- in building the Storm Track and Field program into what it has now become. 

I was born in a small town in Southeast Ohio in May of 1990 and only at the age of eight was I introduced to the sport of track and field.  It was there in this small town of Salesville, Ohio that I learned how to run.

Never have I developed a skill as quickly as being fast! This is the part of my life that I have developed that “iRun” part of the blog title.  I have always strived to be the best at every event that I do. In high school I was overshadowed by my twin brother and his accomplishments at the state level in track and field, but I made up for it on the football field by earning all state honors at cornerback.  My love for football was diminished quickly after the end of my senior season when I realized there wasn’t much of a future for a 143 pound football player at the collegiate level. So, I focused all my energy on track. Although I make Ethan (my twin) sound bad for beating me in everything, but If it wasn’t for him I probably would have not accomplished any of the things that I have today. 

My family has a very large history of athletes. My grandpa, Lester Dee Snyder, was on Bealesville High Schools first ever football team in 1947. M father Duane Snyder was the record holder for a short time for points scored in a game for Fairless High School basketball.  My mom was a track runner and was running the quarter mile in under a minute at the age of 14.  My older brothers were all decorated athletes. My oldest brother Jake was a four-year three-sport athlete for Buckeye Trail High School, Luke was a two-time all-state athlete in football and is currently the school record holder in the 100-meter dash.  Then Ethan was two-time All-Ohio in two events, the 110-hurdles and the 300-hurdles. (Plus, we know Lake Erie’s first All-American athlete).  Then there was me, left with plenty to live up to. But it is all because of them that I have learned to run “STRONG”.

Now about the “STORM.”  About a year and a half ago I was introduced to the idea of being a multiple event athlete. Now, here I am competing in nine events in arguably the best Division II conference in America for track and field.  Before I go into more detail about my events and introduce you to all the events and amounts of time that I put into each one I just want to include the disclaimer that I am no better than any other athlete on this campus. I probably have less talent than most I just do everything I can to get ahead.  Even if it is Ice bathing everyday of the week or giving up my desert and force feeding another piece of chicken. I just use up every opportunity that is at hand including my teammates which I could have never done any of the things I have done here at Lake Erie without.

Throughout my last three seasons (two indoor seasons and one outdoor) I have trained in every type of event there is from throwing javelin with Chris Lamphier to distance training with Cody Lancaster.  To let you in on a training day for me I start off every day with, at the very least, a 30-min warm up.  Then I usually do one of my field events (long jump, high jump or pole vault) then some strength and speed training for the remainder of the time we spend at the GaREAT facility for practice.  After practice, I eat dinner and lift for an hour doing power lifts and some rope climbs for pole vault. Then if I am lucky, I get to do some throwing stuff with Coach Hyde, stretch for twenty minutes, and ice bath.  By this time it’s usually time to go to bed or just pass out usually - causing my study times to be early the next morning. I do all this while juggling my Resident Assistant position and being one of the track SAAC Representatives. But these days filled with turmoil and hard work has produced the athlete that I am today and I have nobody to thank more than my coaches and my teammates.  They have made me believe that “iRun STORM STRONG”.