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Lake Erie

Storm Players Rank Among Top 100 in NCAA

PAINESVILLE, Ohio (September 9, 2008) - The NCAA released statistics for games played through Sept. 8 and Lake Erie College had several players listed within the top 100. Freshman quarterback Sean Bedevelsky (Brunswick, Ohio/Brunswick) found himself in the rankings on four separate occasions, including the 23rd spot in total offense. Junior running back Tony Howard (Garfield Heights, Ohio/Garfield Heights), sophomore running back Demetrius Gray (Cleveland, Ohio/Cleveland South) and freshman running back Dave Romeo (Eastlake, Ohio/North) were also among the players with multiple listings. Romeo was credited with the highest ranking among all team members in all categories for his six returns for 102 yards against Fairmont State which ranks him fifth in kickoff returns.

As a team, Lake Erie was fourth in total offense for plays with 89 plays for 405 yards against Gannon.
Here are the Lake Erie College team and individual rankings:
Rushing (Carries-Net)       Tony Howard              39th    22 carries     68 yards, net     3.09 avg.      vs. Gannon
Sean Bedevelsky      85th    18 carries     72 yards, net     4.22 avg.      vs.Fairmont
Total Offense (Plays, Yards) Sean Bedevelsky    23rd    51 plays        201 yards          3.94 avg.      vs. Gannon
Passing (Att., Comp.)        Sean Bedevelsky        76th    40 att.            18 comp.           10.83 avg.   vs. Gannon
Passing Efficiency              Sean Bedevelsky       80th    158.2 rating  14 comp.            26 att.         vs. Fairmont
Receiving (Catches, Yards) Brandon James        19th     9 catches      82 yards                                 vs. Gannon
Punting (Avg., Punts)          Vince Hug                    61st     3 punts          42.67 average                       vs. Gannon
Kickoff Returns (Yards)      Dave Romeo              42nd    6 returns       102 yards                               vs. Fairmont
Kickoff Returns (Returns) Dave Romeo                5th       6 returns       102 yards                              vs. Fairmont
                                               Demetrius Gray          15th     5 returns        72 yards                                vs. Gannon
Scoring (Total Points)        Tony Howard               23rd    12 points        2 touchdowns                      vs. Gannon
All-Purpose Running          Demetrius Gray          97th    149 yards      14 plays        10.64 avg.      vs. Gannon
Solo Tackles                        David Dunne               30th     8 solo             9 total                                    vs. Fairmont
                                                Scott Given                  30th     8 solo             8.5 total                                 vs. Fairmont
Pass Sacks                          David Heck                 89th     1 solo              16 yards                               vs. Gannon
                                                Derrick Clement        89th     1 solo              12 yards                               vs. Gannon
                                                Taylor Jonard             89th     1 solo              12 yards                               vs. Fairmont
Passing Attempts                Lake Erie                    37th      40 att.              18 comp.                             vs. Gannon
Total Offense Plays             Lake Erie                    4th        89 plays           405 yards                           vs. Gannon
Attendance                            Lake Erie                   97th      2,057 people                                                vs. Gannon
For a list of all NCAA Division II Football Statistics, please check out the NCAA website at: and click Division II.

Please note, Lake Erie is listed separately in the rankings because of its current reclassifying into NCAA Division II.